Learning to lean as He leads

Obedience to Christ proves we love Him, and in return He shows Himself to us. You say, “There are so many commandments, how can I obey? How can I remember them all, and can I be sure I am obeying?” In faith and love rest, wait and look. Then as His teaching touches your life, conform to it. There are some teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ that you would never get into because they would not touch you. They would not impinge on you in your present state. But as soon as they do touch you, then you automatically, sweetly and quietly obey. A man was giving testimony about being shipwrecked and praying, and about how the Lord delivered him. A dear old man of God went home, got on his knees and wept before the Lord. “God,” he said, “You never saved me from shipwreck.” And the Lord said, “Son, have you ever been at sea?” The man answered, “No.” Of course you cannot save from shipwreck a man who has never been offshore. There are things that do not touch you, but the moment they do, obey instantly. For instance, the Bible says, “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:22). If you do not have any husband, why worry about that one? But if ever the words of our Lord Jesus Christ touch your life, instantly–because you are totally committed–gladly and quietly obey and do what you are told. He said that is your part, and His part is to manifest Himself to you and get you out of the rut.


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