Miracles - Matha Petrusevich

A miracle is something… no one ever can predict,
For it is a handiwork of God… that no one can restrict
Greatest miracles occur, when they are least expected…
By an almighty, sovereign God…they are directed.

He touches many lives, in ways we can’t foresee,
Saves the greatest sinners, from bondage sets them free!!!
He answers prayers… in the most amazing way!
For God’s plan is never late, or happens to delay.

God’s plans… are not always something we foresee,
But they’re the very best of all…I totally guarantee!
God knows your longings…He hears your prayers.
Although He doesn’t always answer…He always cares!

He will give you an answer… at a time that’s best for you,
He will solve your problem, in a way you never knew.
If your wants and wishes… are in His holy will,
Then God will always, gladly try them to fulfill!!!

For miracles can happen… when you can’t see a way
God’s hand is always over you, every passing day!
He wants you to just trust Him… with all your troubles now,
And for His way and planning… in your life allow.

Just trust the Lord and Saviour every passing day,
So all your heavy burdens… at His feet can lay
Gods sees your dreams, He sees your wishes too,
He is always faithful and He is always true!!!

He sees your deepest longings, deep within your soul,
He always sees your motives, and your final goal.
Give your cares to Jesus… and to Him always pray,
For a miracle can happen… any coming day!!!
By Martha Petrusevich


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