When I’m lost on the road

  I’ve traveled many years,

When the things that I knew

  Are now my doubts and fears,


When the dreams that I dreamed

   Are now my broken heart,

When the hope that I had

   Is fallen all apart,


When the certain things change,

   Secure though thought to be,

When the plenteous joy

   For nought is leaving me,


When the things that were mine

   I can no longer claim,

When the place that I had

   Will never be the same,


Though He slay me I’ll trust,

   And then with Job I’ll say:

Praise the Lord how he gave,

   And how he took away!


And with Job I will bow,

  And bless his holy name,

For when nothing else is,

   My God is still the same.


~Ezra Brainard, August 2011