Dear Father, I’m seeing myself as a worm.

The truth that I’m nothing the Scriptures affirm,

But pride doesn’t like all the feelings I feel.

I want to be something that’s worth a great deal.


But turning to Jesus and seeing His cross,

It brings me to tears, as I think of the loss

The Son of Man suffered to make sinners whole ~

And that is the worth that He put on my soul.


I’m sinful. I ought to have no worth at all,

But Jesus, who died to reverse Adam’s fall,

Proclaimed by the cross what He thought I was worth ~

A price that’s unequaled in heaven or earth.


I’m simply a vessel that’s cracked by the fall.

In me, in my flesh, there is no good at all,

But Jesus has given a treasure inside ~

I’m bought by the blood that He shed when He died.


     ~Ezra Brainard, August 2012

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