O Almighty God of Love

O almighty God of love,
Thy holy arm display!

O almighty God of love,
Thy holy arm display!
Send me succour from above
In this my evil day;
Arm my weakness with thy power,
Woman’s seed, appear within!
Be my safeguard and my tower
Against the face of sin.

Could I of thy strength take hold,
And always feel thee near,
Confident, divinely bold,
My soul would scorn to fear;
Nothing should my firmness shock;
Though the gates of hell assail,
Were I built Upon the rock,
They never could prevail.

Rock of my salvation, haste,
Extend thy ample shade,
Let it over me be cast,
And screen my naked head;
Save me from the trying hour,
Thou my sure protection be;
Shelter me from Satan’s power,
Till I am fixed on thee.

Set upon thyself my feet,
And make me surely stand;
From temptation’s rage and heat
Cover me with thy hand;
Let me in the cleft be placed,
Ne’er from my defence remove,
In thine arms of love embraced,
Of everlasting love.

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