Our Lord is coming some time soon,
Morning, evening, daytime, noon
Yet when he comes, what will He find?
Christians that to sin are blind?


Ones who are so deeply sleeping,
Their lights for him they are not keeping.
Ones who have not brought their fruit,
A Godly life has not their pursuit.

Christians that are neither cold nor hot,
Yet by his blood, they once were bought
Ones, who have gone, far astray
Yet they are Christians, so they say.

One’s who always always knew,
What is right, and what to do.
Yet word and deed were not together,
Yet they thought that they were better.

They went to church each Sunday,
Forgetting all they heard by Monday.
Went to work and went to play,
And so they lived each passing day.

Money and riches they were after
Good times, great times and much laughter.
Never thinking of their soul,
Spending time was their main goal.

God to them was but a word,
From their childhood they had heard.
Bible stories and all truth,
Yet they forgot it, in their youth.

On their money, they would rely,
For all they wanted they could buy.
They would pray when trouble came,
Yet God would be the one to blame.

Against their neighbours held a grudge,
Yet other sinners they would judge.
Looking down on others’ deeds,
Only sowing wicked seeds.

Parents they would not obey,
Yet they were Christians, they would say.
Respect and honour was not in style,
Why go the extra mile?

The Bible to them is just a book,
Inside for wisdom they don’t look.
It gathers dust upon their shelves,
They only care about themselves.

They strive to look just like the rest,
Yet, to be greater than the best.
Modesty they have forgotten,
Worldly styles they have gotten.

They say, “God looks at the heart”,
Yet from sin they don’t depart.
Being popular and being cool,
In life, is their biggest tool.

Being rich and having fame,
They look down upon the lame.
About the poor they do not care,
Not wanting to help and share.

About themselves they’re only thinking,
Deeper into sin they are sinking.
Closing their eyes on others’ needs,
Hiding in their wicked deeds.

Dear Christian please, look at life and see,
What will Christ find you to be?
When he comes for you and me,
Lukewarm Christians we cannot be!
    By Martha Petrusevich