Out of the deep I cry,
Just at the point to die,

Out of the deep I cry,
Just at the point to die,
Hastening to infernal pain,
Jesus, Lord, I cry to thee;
Help a feeble child of man,
Show forth all thy power in me.

On thee I ever call,
Saviour and friend of all;
Well thou know’st my desperate case;
Thou my curse and sin remove,
Save me by thy richest grace,
Save me by thy pardoning love.

How shall a sinner find
The Saviour of mankind?
Canst thou not accept my prayer?
Not bestow the grace I claim?
Where are thy old mercies? where
All the powers of Jesu’s name?

I will not let thee go,
Till I thy mercy know:
Let me hear the welcome sound,
Speak, if still thou canst forgive;
Speak, and let the lost be found;
Speak, and let the dying live.

Thy love is all my plea,
Thy passion speaks for me;
By thy pangs and bloody sweat,
By thy depth of grief unknown,
Save me, gasping at thy feet,
Save, O save, thy ransomed one!

What hast thou done for me!
O think on Calvary!
By thy mortal groans and sighs,
By thy precious death I pray,
Hear my dying spirit’s cries,
Take, O take, my sins away!


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