Prayer Hudson Taylor…

Hudson Taylor, the famous 18th century missionary went to China on a sailing ship. There was no wind and the ship was drifting towards an island of cannibals. The cannibals were waiting for the meal to hit shore. The Captain asked Mr Taylor if he would pray for wind. Mr Taylor answered “Yes, if you will set the sails first.” The Captain answered that he could not as that would make him a laughing stock in front of his crew. To set sails with no wind was ludicrous. Taylor answered that he would not pray unless the sails were set. The Captain gave in to Taylor and set the sails. Hudson Taylor had only prayed for a very short while when the Captain knocked on his door. He told Taylor to stop praying as the wild was so strong they would not be able to handle more. The cannibals missed their meal by a mere 100 yards. So many people pray, but are surprised if God answers their prayers. They certainly would not get the sails ready before praying for wind.  

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