Dr. Gauntlett

Sing we to our conquering Lord
A new triumphant song;

Psalm xcviii.

Sing we to our conquering Lord
A new triumphant song;
Joyfully his deeds record,
And with a thankful tongue!
Wonders his right hand hath wrought.
Still his outstretched arm we see;
He alone the fight hath fought,
And got the victory.

God, the almighty God, hath made
His great salvation known;
Openly to all displayed
His glory in his Son:
Christ hath brought the life to light,
Bade the glorious gospel shine,
Showed in all the heathen’s sight
His righteousness divine.

He to Israel’s chosen race
His promise hath fulfilled:
Mindful of his word of grace
His saving health revealed:
He to all the sons of men
Hath his truth and mercy showed;
Earth’s remotest bounds have seen
The pardoning love of God.

Make a loud and cheerful noise
To him that reigns above;
Earth, with all thy sons, rejoice
In the Redeemer’s love:
Raise your songs of triumph high,
Bring him every tuneful strain,
Praise the Lord who stooped to die,
To ransom wretched man.

Him with lute and harp record,
With shawms and trumpets praise;
Sing, rejoice, before the Lord,
And glory in his grace:
Hymn his grace, and truth, and power;
Give him thanks, rejoice, and sing;
Praise him, praise him evermore,
And triumph with your King.

Ocean, roar, with all thy waves,
In honour of his name;
He who all creation saves
Doth all their homage claim:
Clap your hands, ye floods! Ye hills,
Joyful all his praise rehearse;
Praise him till his glory fills
The vocal universe!

Lo! he comes with clouds! he comes
In dreadful pomp arrayed!
All his glorious power assumes,
To judge the world he made:
Righteous shall his sentence be:
Think of that tremendous bar!
Every eye the Judge shall see,
And thou shalt meet him there!

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