Surrender Your All - Martha Petrusevich

Surrender Your All

Surrender your all, to the almighty King,
All your doubt, today to Him bring.
Surrender your life, surrender your all,
Do not delay and answer His call.

Surrender today, all worry and fear,
For your loving Saviour is standing so near.
He is waiting for you to answer His call,
Fully surrender and give Him your all.

He will take away your burden and sin,
Help you today, a new life to begin.
To start life anew, to be free from it all,
Just heed His sweet voice and answer His call.

Your life will feel, today so much brighter,
Your burdened heart, will feel so much lighter.
Satan will often try to make life feel grey,
But meekly surrender and do not delay.

Surrender brings joy and peace to the heart,
Makes all worry, doubt, and fear to depart.
God heals each heart and every broken soul,
He makes it new, He makes it whole.
By Martha Petrusevich


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