Take Time to Notice!!!

Did you ever take time out of your daily, busy routine,
To notice that dejected, anxious, and struggling teen?
Did you take time, to stop and ask how he is doing,
And what exactly in life, he is so strongly pursuing?
Did you take time, to stop for a little, and play with a child?
One that at first, might seem so unruly, rowdy, and wild.
Did you take time, to quietly get down on your knees,
And give him a smile, a hug and a reassuring squeeze?

Did you take time to notice that lonely widow next door?
To pay her a visit, or help with a dirty or tedious chore?
With kindness, show that life is still worth the living,
Making her heart, turn from sorrow into thanksgiving.

Did you take time to notice that bent over, elderly pair,
With old wrinkled faces that are missing teeth and hair?
Yet their heart is still young and yearns appreciation,
Did you take time to sit down and have a nice conversation?

Did you take time to notice that beggar so sad and forlorn?
With clothes and appearance that is tattered, dirty and worn?
With no hope for the future, no purpose to seek and pursue,
Will you take time, to try and show him, what he needs to do?

Did you take time to notice the stressed restaurant waiter?
Who needs a kind word, but you put it aside and left it for later?
Yet that word, could have helped her to have a happier day,
Making her life, feel better, not quite so dreary and gray.

Take time, for the people, that you see and meet each day,
Notice and see others, and find something kind to do and say.
You might never know what difference you had made,
Or which part or role exactly in their life you’ve played.

You might make a difference in someone’s life and way,
Making some one happy by taking that, little time each day.
Spreading word of God’s great love and boundless grace.
With your deeds and words make the world, a better place!
                                     By Martha Petrusevich

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