Max M. Johnson

The Lamb of God in silence hung upon the center tree;

He sealed His lips as He was shorn of all His dignity.

Isaiah 53:7

With but one word He could have called a host to set Him free;

Yet as a Lamb to slaughter led He suffered silently.

But from the silence of that cross a message clear was heard —

“Twas scribed in red (the ink — his blood) as from His wounds it poured.

      The silent message of the cross —“I love — I love you so.”


The man who nailed the Saviour’s hands so cruely to the tree —

With ev’ry bow the blood did flow; and surely he could see

The silent message from the cross: “This is my love for you,

My sacrifice has paid your debt — there’s nought for you to do.”

And, too, the one who bound His feet, and spiked them to the tree —

Could he not read the message clear, “I suffered here for thee”?

      The silent message penned in red —“I love, I love you too.”


And someone pressed a crown of thorns upon His blessed brow.

Perhaps that one was you — or I? — for we were there you know;

We ALL have sinned, and gone astray, on Him OUR sins were laid —

We had the debt augmented sore which with His blood HE paid.

And then the soldier with the spear that pierced the Saviour through

Did they not hear, could they not read that silent message too?

      The silent words that spoke so loudly — “I love even you.”


Yes, all those wounds produced the flood that never will run dry

But are our ears too dull to hear that quiet, pleading cry,

And do we hear but just don’t care — that message penned in red?

Do we just shrug it off and say, “I’ll go my way instead”?

God give us hearts to match His heart, and love for others show;

And grant that we (not silently) where ever we may go

      Proclaim the message of the cross — “He loves you, too, you know.”




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