Luther expresses dislike of the famous or infamous Thomas Munzer. December 26, 1523.

I begged the official of Alt-Stadt to beware of Munzer’s spirit of prophecy.

What has happened meantime I do not know, but I cannot endure such a spirit, whoever the man may be. He lauds my doctrine, and yet tries to tear it to bits. Then he talks and prays in such an insipid manner, using such unscriptural expressions, that any one would fancy he was mad or drunken. He insists upon an interview with me, and boasts beyond measure. I therefore begged the official to arrange a meeting with him, to discuss his teaching. I do not know if he will manage it. We are not of such a spirit that he need fear having his teaching put to the test.

Farewell, and pray for me. MARTIN LUTHER .

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