Herzog George asked Luther if he really wrote to von Kronberg. Luther admitted he did.

January 3, 1523.

Cease fuming against God and His Christ, on account of what I have done, most ungracious Prince! I have received your ungracious document, along with my letter to you Kronberg, and have paid particular attention to the part of which you complain, as injuring your soul, honour, and good name. As you wish to know the meaning I attach to my words, I answer, that it is all one to me how your ungracious Highness may take them. For, however I may act or speak against your ungracious Grace, whether secretly or openly, I consider I am entitled to do so, and mean to maintain the right.

For were you really in earnest, and did not tell so many lies as to injuring your soul, honour, and good name, you would not slander and persecute the truth so shamefully as you do. And this is not the first time that you have maligned me, so that I have more cause to complain of you. But I am silent as to all this, for Christ commands me to be kind to my enemies, and hitherto you have had my poor prayers and service, and if that be treating you with contempt then I can do no more, nor shall I be frightened by any water bubble. But if my Lord Jesus will, He can enlighten the heart of your most ungracious Highness, and turn you into a gracious and kind Prince towards me.


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