Staupitz, Lange, and Link all begged Luther to suppress his dangerous book, To the German Nobility, but it was already in the press.

August 18, 1520.

If my little book, that you, my father, name a trumpet (Posaune), is really so fierce, I leave you and others to judge. No doubt it is vehement and fearless, but it pleases many, and is not displeasing to our Court! I am no judge in this matter. Perhaps I am the forerunner of our Philip, whose way I am sent to prepare. We firmly believe here that the Papacy is the personification of Antichrist’s throne, and feel we are justified in resisting their deceptions and wiles for the sake of the salvation of souls. I

declare that I only owe the Pope the obedience due to Antichrist. Philip is marrying Catherine Crappin, and I am blamed for promoting it. I did it for his good, and do not let the outcry disturb me. May God give His blessing. I hate men’s sins, and abhor the child of destruction, with all his kingdom of sin and hypocrisy. Farewell in the Lord. MARTIN LUTHER .