Luther determined to stand by his appeal from an ill-informed to a better-instructed Pope, in spite of

Herzog George. November 28, 1520.

To the honored John Lange, Doctor of the Holy Scriptures in Erfurt, my friend in the Lord. My greeting! We rejoice over our Prince’s return, and I beseech you, honored father, to pray for our cause. Herzog George is foolish — very mad. We duly expect thunder and lightning from that quarter. I am deter- mined to stand by the appeal. I see troublous times ahead. May God direct all well! We have read

your Prince’s learned and judicious answer to the Papal delegates, Aleander and Marinus, from which we see they have achieved nothing in that quarter. I shall send them to you soon. This Aleander has been mercilessly attacked in a witty lampoon because of his many vices. My writings have been burned in Cologne and Louvain. Farewell in the Lord. Our father vicar has set off for Strenberg, under the escort of the lay brother Johannes.