Amsdorf accompanied Luther to Schloss Altenstein, near Waltershausen, where an armed force captured him.

May 12, 1521.

Health! Grace be with you! I wrote you all a few days ago, dear Amsdorf, but I listened to counsel,

and tore up what I had written, as it was not considered safe to send letters. I have now written about the books and sheets to Dr. Hieronymus, and am also writing to the Prior about them in this letter.

You will order what is necessary. God is trying me sorely, but pray for me, because I always pray for you, that God would strengthen your heart. Therefore be of good cheer and proclaim the Word of God with joy, as often as you have the chance. Tell me about your journey, and what you heard at Erfurt. Philip has Spalatin’s letter to me. On the day I was torn from you, I reached here at 11 at night, tired and weary, in the garb of a knight. Here I sit, a free man among the bondmen. Beware of the Rehoboam in Dresden, and the Benhadad in Damascus, your neighbor. For a terrible Edict has been issued against us, but the Lord will laugh at them! May you prosper in the Lord. Greet all our friends. In the region of the air.