Luther begs the Elector to espouse the cause of the University.

September 15, 1525’ To my most gracious lord, etc. Grace and peace in Christ! Although I with others have entire confidence in your Electoral Grace’s gracious promise regarding our University, yet we cannot but see how its fulfilment is being hindered through many needful things, especially the Diet, therefore I would humbly beg you to send either Doltzig or some one else, or give directions in writing that matters here should be inquired into — for many classes have gone down, while others are

unpaid — the teachers having gone away, so that it will soon be impossible to keep those going that remain. For the treasury is empty, hence longer delay will be fatal. I felt I could not keep your Grace in ignorance of all this. I believe the University intends writing your Grace itself. I commit you to God. Your Grace’s obedient, MARTIN LUTHER .

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