Luther presses Link to take up his abode in Wittenberg. July 4, 1522.

Grace and peace! You must either, dearest father, be able to give a good reason for keeping away from us, or you must hate our society. For why sit there? Both north and south are shut up to you, so there is no place where you can be more secure or better cared for than with us. Or does the reputation of our order frighten you, and do you fear association with us banished ones, in case of offending those who seem born to seek cause of offense in Christ? But come speedily, for God’s sake, so that we may enlist you in the Lord’s service. We are waiting for you; see that you do not turn us into ridicule. We wish your advice on many necessary matters connected with our faith, to promote the general weal. Farewell in Christ.

Martin Luther

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