‘Twas just a whisper of Satan
      Into the ears of Eve,
Causing her faith to falter,
      That did her heart deceive.

Subtle suggestions from Satan
      Follow us every day,
Making us doubt God’s promise,
      Crippling us on our way.

He’ll undermine God’s power;
      Question that He could be
True to His word and faithful
      Amidst adversity.

Jesus said, ”I’ll not leave you.”
      Satan says, ”He has left,”
Striving to pierce faith’s armour,
      Leaving God’s child bereft.

Joy, peace, and trust, unchanging
      Childlike dependency
Can with a whisper from Satan
      Flee and depart from thee.

Thus, child of God, don’t heed him.
      Spurn Satan’s subtle voice.
You need not be his victim,
      Unless it is by choice!

~Jenny Daniel