I’ve stood upon the ocean’s shore

And watched the waves an hour or more,

And every wave that rose and fell

Inspired awe I cannot tell.


I’ve seen the humpback whale at play.

I’ve seen him splash; I’ve seen him spray.

He dances with the very waves

That make for many watery graves.


The sea which takes the life of man

Was made his home by God’s good plan.

He overcomes the call of death,

And rises up to take a breath.


Like him I’ll rise above the spray

Of things that daily flood my way.

By faith in Him who stayed the seas,

I’ll rise above the world with ease.


Like him I’ll make myself at home,

Though mighty waves around me foam.

Despite their pow’r, I will not drown,

But dance with waves that take men down.


~Ezra Brainard, September 2012