We know, by faith we know,
If this vile house of clay,

We know, by faith we know,
If this vile house of clay,
This tabernacle, sink below
In ruinous decay,
We have a house above,
Not made with mortal hands;
And firm, as our Redeemer's love,
That heavenly fabric stands.

It stands securely high,
Indissolubly sure;
Our glorious mansion in the sky
Shall evermore endure:
O were we entered there,
To perfect heaven restored!
O were we all caught up to share
The triumph of our Lord!

For this in faith we call,
For this we weep and pray:
O might the tabernacle fall!
O might we 'scape away!
Full of immortal hope,
We urge the restless strife,
And hasten to be swallowed up
Of everlasting life.

Absent, alas! from God,
We in the body mourn,
And pine to quit this mean abode,
And languish to return.
Jesus, regard our vows,
And change our faith to sight;
And clothe us with our nobler house
Of empyrean light!

O let us put on thee
In perfect holiness,
And rise prepared thy face to see,
Thy bright, unclouded face!
Thy grace with glory crown,
Who hast the earnest given,
And now triumphantly come down,
And take our souls to heaven!