God is who He is by divine right. He is by right the supreme and absolute Ruler of all things, both in the visible and in the invisible world. Human beings, because they are intelligent and can make choices, are subject to a moral government type of rule. This rule has to do with things that happen with regard to our choices and us. And this consists of two things: the giving of laws and judgement.

God is the supreme Judge of the world. He has that right that cannot be disputed. He has power that cannot be controlled. Men may refuse to be in subjection to this law-giving God. They may rebel against every known law, however, they cannot escape His judgment.

The strongest creatures can do nothing to control God or to avoid His judgement. There was once a time when a legitimate attempt was made to rebel against the moral government of God … this attempt was made by angels, the mightiest of all created beings. However, they failed miserably (or as one of my friends would say. “That was an epic fall.”

“God is wise in heart and mighty in strength.
Who has hardened homself against Him and prospered?”
― Job 9: 4

Hannes Grové

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