When Thy mercy falls down tonight
Forgive my fears, agony and give me insight
My heart gets broken each time I close my eyes
I see suffering and pain it’s staggering please don’t die
One more moment with you I pray for

When Thy mercy falls down tonight
Why dear Lord can I not fight??
You’re ripping me apart where is the light?
Every time I look at my mothers’ loving face
I get broken and I pray … pray for grace
Please God why this sorrow I have to embrace

When Thy mercy falls down by grace
I see my father’s fading smile and I do ask why
Why can’t you take my life and let me die
Just so he can live for a longer while
I miss moments we had by your grace

When Thy mercy falls down tonight
I’ll drink the cup Thou hast given without a fight
So long as Your light shines thru’ me so bright
Please bring me comforts tonight
May I close my eyes and see Thy grace fall

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