Revelation 1:5,6 – Who Can Worthily Commend

Who can worthily commend
Thy love unsearchable!

Who can worthily commend
Thy love unsearchable!
Love that made thee condescend
Our curse and death to feel;
Thou, the great eternal God,
Who didst thyself our ransom pay,
Hast, with thy own precious blood,
Washed all our sins away.

By the Spirit of our Head
Anointed priests and kings,
Conquerors of the world, we tread
On all created things;
Sit in heavenly places down,
While yet we in the flesh remain;
Now, partakers of thy throne,
Before thy Father reign.

In thy members here beneath
The Intercessor prays;
Here we in the Spirit breathe
Unutterable praise;
Offer up our all to God;
And God beholds, with gracious eyes,
First the purchase of thy blood,
And then our sacrifice.

Jesus, let thy kingdom come!
(Inspired by thee we pray)
Previous to the general doom,
The everlasting day:
Take possession of thine own,
And let us then our Saviour see
Glorious on thy heavenly throne,
To all eternity.

Revelation i. 5,6.

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